Become A Certified Meditation and Breathwork Instructor

The Academy of Breath™ is an 12-week online teacher training blending neuroscience, spirituality and the business of mindfulness to elevate your power as a leader in the wellness industry.

Our next cohort begins June 29, 2023.

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The Academy of Breath™ is a 12- week online training founded with the intention to bring more meditation + breath healers into the world by empowering you to take your own daily practice to the next level.

Embodiment of these practices is the foundation of any personal mastery equipping you with the tools to thrive in all areas of life - relationships, intuition, career, and Self.

By the end of the 12 weeks, you'll be on a fast track to confidently sharing your voice as a teacher, connecting to your purpose, and finding clarity on your path to the inevitable success that comes from living in alignment.


Whether you are a yoga teacher, a coach, or a healer, the Academy of Breath™ is meant to expand your core offering and empower your clients to experience self-healing through breathwork and meditation. The techniques you will learn are accessibly formatted for a modern audience, blending spirituality with proven science.



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Over the course of 12 weeks, you will be guided on a journey of opening up your gifts as a teacher and healer. You will learn the technique, practice, and theory behind ancient yogic pranayama breathwork and meditation. Deepen your personal practice while equipping yourself with the education to teach in one-on-one, group and virtual settings.

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I would absolutely recommend AOB to anyone who is considering it! Whether you want to become a certified instructor, just want to learn these tools for your personal practice, or want an empowering community that is going to inspire you to take that leap in your business, I got SO MUCH out of this experience. And to top it off, Ava is the most knowledgeable, insightful, and inspiring teacher that I can imagine having!

-Sydney D.


The Academy of Breath was easy to digest and also provided an incredible amount of information. I love that Ava blended the science with the spiritual, which is unlike any other breathwork/meditation course that I have come across. The masterclasses were incredible and the best part is Ava herself, as she brings her blend of energy and enthusiasm that makes you believe that anything is possible.

- Ariana W.



It's time to answer your divine assignment and tap into the wealth of knowledge waiting to be accessed inside of you.

It is about more than just relieving stress and anxiety. Even though our society is experiencing more stress, distractions, and distance from our divine connection than ever, the tools you will learn in The Academy of Breath™ will show you how to walk through life with purpose and passion.

Students will learn yogic pranayama techniques, mindfulness meditation, guided visualization meditation, mantra meditation, and the craft of sequencing to boost your confidence in teaching and bringing these healing modalities to the world.


Devon S. shares her two biggest takeaways from bringing breathwork and meditation into her life + business...





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6 weeks of live video calls with Ava and a supportive community practicing, teaching, and learning how to facilitate breathwork and meditation.

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Receive meditation and breathwork scripts and sequencing + learn the formula of constructing your own meditation scripts.

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Learn both the science and spiritual lineage behind these ancient tools so students and clients understand the impact they are making on the mind, body and soul.

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Build confidence in your voice as a facilitator while guiding your students and clients through various breathwork and meditation techniques.

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Get lifetime access to 15+ hours of bonus modules on breathwork and meditation, building your wellness business, and a network of teachers across the globe.

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Build integrity as a leader, create safe containers for healing, and speak to various experiences your students may have practicing breathwork and meditation.

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Deepen your core offering as a healer, teacher or coach by including breathwork and meditation healing sessions for your clients and students.

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Upon completion of course and assessment, you will be certified to teach meditation and breathwork. You will have access to quarterly alumni calls to receive lifetime support.

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Alexis's Journey Through The Academy of Breath™...

"I looked into other breathwork courses before finding The Academy of Breath and this trumped them all. Ava's energy is beautiful, the course is full of information - the science behind the spiritual was what really hooked me in. Being able to be in a course that is so full of information leaving no one behind is superb. Ava has a way of making everyone feel welcome with any and all questions along the way. Having the tools to add to my coaching is an absolute blessing and being able to see the changes starting within yourself is amazing. Having the workbooks to go with each module was an added bonus for me, all the details and nothing was missed."
Alexis V. @alexisathena.xo

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Hear Why Past Students LOVE this certification...

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Lee Anne  @mindbodybreathe_

The Academy of Breath™ is truly about total transformation! It is SO much more than a course on breathwork/meditation. Yes, Ava goes deep into many breathwork & meditation styles, the science, the spirituality behind each, how to use them, how to teach them and allows time to practice each. The surprise factor is how much information & space is given for self-reflection and inner-work. Ava gives from a place of true service and it shows in her genuine spirit, the incredible value she provides and her unique ability to listen and connect with each participant.


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Cindy G. @elevateeleven

Joining the Academy of Breath™ was the best investment I made this year! I learned so much about breath work, meditation and myself during the program. I have taught yoga for over 6 years and have never truly felt confident or comfortable leading breath work or meditation, until now. The Academy of Breath awakened the tools that were already within me, encouraged me to truly show up as my authentic self, find my voice and guide others in their breath work/mediation practice.




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Delia N. @deliaflorence_nak

I loved the experience I had working with Ava in the Academy of Breath™! She holds space so beautifully for others and allows them to have their own unique journey. I had already been trained in breath but did not have the confidence or knowledge to teach or share this gift. I honestly can not say enough good things! I am beyond confident now in so many areas of my life. That's just one of the many bonuses of working with Ava, she will show you the rockstar you have always been! 





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Amanda R. @amandaarelenerose

Breathwork and meditation have changed my life. With the breath I have developed a deeper trust within myself, a more fluid relationship with the feminine and been able to move through stuck emotions and clear years of stored trauma. Surrendering to the process has allowed me to soften more deeply into that animal body of the wild feminine in ways and places where nothing else has met me. Meditation has allowed me to cultivate a greater respect for the masculine, as I have built trust with my consciousness, my awareness and my focus. Upgrading my frequency and manifesting my desires, all of it has gone hand in hand with breathwork and meditation. I wouldn’t be able to serve my community the way I do today without these powerful tools and I’m grateful to be able to work with Ava and be certified with the Academy of Breath™.

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Marissa B. @marissa.b_does_nyc

Third Eye opening! Thoughtful, expansive, deeply informative and filled with so much love and care. This is how I would describe the Academy of Breath™. AOB was really a unique experience not only because it was all virtual, but because it was my first Pranayama training. I didn’t know what to expect! At the beginning of 2020, I was a hot mess! I was lost in emotional pain and self doubt, wondering about my purpose and why my life had gone down the path that it did. I knew that I was meant for something more and I was on a quest for a spiritual journey. That’s when I was introduced to Ava and The Alchemized Life podcast. After listening, I had to know more! I felt inspired and I had to get in on this practice! Breath work and meditation have changed me profoundly in just the past two months. Now that I have dedicated myself to a daily practice I feel lighter, more confident, more in tune with what’s within and I know at the end of the day, I GOT THIS!

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Ariana T. @arianainmotion

I would absolutely recommend AOB to anyone looking to tap into a sisterhood of like-minded conscious women, deepen their practice and, reconnect with their purpose and inner knowing. Especially during these times, I think receiving this type of education, especially from someone with Ava's experience, is extremely valuable and will help you navigate all of life's experiences by keeping you connected to our emotional and physical body. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use one of the techniques or skills I learned in this course to both keep me grounded AND in-addition support my own clients through their own transformations. Breath truly IS life and this program re-affirmed how important it is to nurture the relationship between our physical and spiritual self, especially after dealing with chronic illnesses that can cause you to feel disconnected.

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Haley P. @iamhayleymichelle

Every aspect of The Academy of Breath™ was essential for the offering she graciously facilitated. Live calls, masterclasses, course platform & the social media community all were very fundamental in the flow of energy these souls created within Ava’s safe space. I was able to better view and understand my future self, and how to hone in on exactly what it is I want, and how to get there. The learning also significantly boosted my confidence and how to deal with identity crisis issues when they surfaced. Ava has this magical way of propelling your mindset straight into this future self through the practices & knowledge she shares.

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Haylee S.  @haylee.seper

I wish I could have joined Academy of Breath™ years ago!!! Ava knows her stuff, she really is the Beyoncé of breath work(; It is hard to put into words the transformation that these tools add to your life. These practices have become a part of my every day routine, if I miss a day I can feel it and I’m pretty sure others around me can too! Whether you are interested in teaching these practices or adding them to your personal life, it is worth the investment!! Trust me when I say it will change your life in the most beautiful way possible. Also the relationships you create with strangers is truly amazing! You will be surrounded by like-minded people and you will feel so so supported.

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Claudia G. @claudia.germuga

I am so grateful I chose to invest in this course. The material and Ava's energy lights you up from the first session and conveys both the spiritual and scientific benefits of these techniques in a seamless and inspiring way. Moving through the weeks, I felt empowered as both a practitioner and leader of these practices, and have put them into application in my own life and business to bring the benefits to my clients. My confidence in myself as a leader has soared since the start of this program and I'm more connected to my intuition than at any other point in my life.

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Michèle F. @bewell.michele

AOB came to me somehow accidentally, but I don’t really believe there are any coincidences in life. So I followed this calling. And I was absolutely not disappointed. AOB was exactly what I was looking for right at this moment. The combination of powerful breathwork and meditation practices was it, what drew me to AOB initially. And I really loved the mix of scientific proof and cultural background of everything we learned. But what I got out of the 12 weeks was so much more: I was surprised by the many opportunities to experience a variety of practices myself with Ava and Lexi, always different, always surprising. I learned so much about teaching and sequencing. I gained a lot of confidence and found my own voice as a teacher. It’s all way beyond what I was anticipating. And I would have never expected that I would get so much support! The office hours and also small group mentorships that were offered were tremendous. I love this collective, AOB is a really special community with a sheer magnetising energy. You just cannot not take something away for yourself. I’m beyond excited to bring these powerful practices into the world, integrate them in my coaching and make them accessible to as many people as possible. Our crazy and busy world needs it more than ever right now.

Associations Recognizing The Academy of Breath™:


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We are proud to partner with GiveIndia to provide COVID Relief through the India COVID Response Fund.

As a second wave of hospitalizations and cases continue to rise across India, we are committed to supporting GiveIndia's efforts to provide relief to the humanitarian crisis by donating 10% of all profits to hospitals lacking in infrastructure, struggling families without access to food and clean water, and more.

When you enroll in The Academy of Breath, you are actively supporting GiveIndia and their COVID relief programs.

Anais P. shares how The Academy of Breath™ fostered a community that supported her in changing her life...


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Founder and Lead Trainer

Ava Johanna is a global meditation and breathwork instructor, somatic healing and spiritual leader, and host of the top wellness podcast: The Alchemized Life. At the beginning of her journey in the wellness space as a yoga teacher, Ava was constantly looking for ways to bring more depth to her students and found it in these tools.

Throughout the years, breathwork and meditation have been integrated in everything she creates for her clients and in her own healing, proving to be a fast track to spiritual connection, a deeper awareness and understanding of our power as creators, and a greater ability to show up daily as the highest version of themselves.

Ava’s Academy has certified hundreds of healers & visionaries from around the world in breathwork & meditation so they can create a soul aligned & profitable business with service at the forefront of their purpose. Ava has helped her students leverage meditation and breathwork as a tool for deeper self trust, intuition and creativity to help grow their careers. Today Ava is sought after for her expertise in teaching healers & visionaries how to take ancient practices into the modern world to enhance their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical states.

Ava has worked with brands like Alo Yoga, Wanderlust, Yoga Journal, Mindbodygreen to bring these modalities to the public.


Integration Mentor + Trainer

Lexi Rodriguez is a meditation & breathwork teacher, energetic embodiment coach, & fitness instructor who integrates movement, breathwork & energy work into all of her offerings. She began doing work in the wellness space as a fitness instructor & quickly began to feel that if her students were going to see the transformation they truly desired they were going to have to observe their wellness practice from a mind, body, soul perspective. On a personal level breathwork & meditation has completely heightened Lexi's ability to align with her self expression while healing her inner world. With that being said she had no other choice than to step into the co-facilitator role with The Academy of Breath™ & the beautiful Ava Johanna.
After experiencing the first cohort as a student & shortly after being able to creatively prescribe breathwork & meditation as the best medicine to empower her community it was a no-brainer that she begin working with other future world changers in the universe. AOB has the best of the best & she's proud to be a part of the family.





A taste of what you'll experience inside...

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Sabine L. @andthenweflow

My confidence was the biggest change for me and I couldn't be happier. In the beginning, I was so worried about if I'd be able to actually film a 10 minutes video for the certification. So many self-limiting beliefs were coming up, but the way the weeks were set up with weekly homework I slowly began to realize my power. I'm not the same person I was when I started the six weeks. I'm more confident, happier, and I know that I'm aligning with my purpose. I learned a lot about the science and practice of meditation and breathwork, so that I can be knowledgable when working with others. It's incredible how confident I feel now about being able to lead sessions! Ava is truly the best and she is so genuine. Her support throughout the course and beyond is incredible.

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Lexi R. @lexi.marie.rodriguez

The moment Ava shared The Academy of Breath Certification I knew I was in. This program has opened up so many expansive goals in my career as a coach and leader. Ava truly stretched my imagination and gave me so many tools to dive deeper into my purpose.She empowered me to be MYSELF, be unique and find your my own voice in this space. If you’re looking to dive deeper into your being and begin to trust your intuition and voice as a leader this certification is for you!





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Tara D. @taradisch

The Academy of Breath was informative and educational, but also so empowering and transformational for my own life and practice, my coaching business, and even my relationships. AND it was also SO MUCH FUN! I have the confidence to create practices for my clients to help support them on their own journey and transformation. And I’ve learned to embody my own practice even further; owning my own voice as a leader and healer in the spiritual wellness space. I didn’t expect it, but more of me came out throughout this certification and I’m sharing more of my authentic self with the world every day. One of the biggest things for me was that I was able to integrate the practices that were presented right away with confidence.

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Emily M. @soulfullyemily

The Academy of Breath completely shifted the way I show up for myself, allowed me to simplify my morning routine and start my day with ease. I've been able to shift into confidence, believe that I'm knowledgable and expand my offerings as a healer and coach. This certification program is truly life changing. It is so simplified but jam-packed with knowledge, tools and so much information. Ava is a wonderful teacher who truly cares about everything and their experience.

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Shannon P. @shannonloveparker

If you are looking for a certification program that beautifully blends the science and spirituality behind breathwork and meditation, supported by the unwavering encouragement of Ava as your coach throughout the whole process I would HIGHLY recommend the Academy of Breath. Emerging from this program I feel knowledgeable, confident and prepared to begin facilitating and integrating these tools into my offerings. I truly feel revitalized by the power of this work!

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Rachel F. @rachelfrank

I loved The Academy of Breath! What a beautiful space Ava held for all the teachers. She explained the science behind the breathing techniques and how we can apply it to improve our lives. Her confidence and friendly demeanor shined through as she lead a beautiful example of how we can all become the meditation teacher of our dreams. I highly recommend taking this course with Ava to improve your own meditation practice and be able to share it with others!

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Fallon L. @fallonlev

The Academy of Breath is the perfect blend of science and spirituality. The FB group provides a very supportive community as well! It is very educational and simultaneously, totally blissful. Highly recommend the Academy of Breath to anyone looking to expand their offerings as a facilitator or as a student!

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Nic W. @nic.webber

I am so happy that I was referred in to the Academy of Breath by a friend! I had just thought about launching a business to help people with anxiety, and the material provided by Ava was the perfect mixture of the spiritual & science aspects of breathwork and meditation. The information was provided very efficiently with many bonus tools that are highly beneficial for reference and for launching a business. It was perfect for me and I couldn't recommend it more!

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Tessa L. @tessalaye_rmt

The Academy of Breath opened my mind and heart to new possibilities for myself and my business. This course is packed with incredible information presented in such a beautiful, digestible way! The ultimate blend of science & spirituality. If you feel called to join AOB, listen to your calling- you will not be disappointed! 

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