Dive deeper into the power of breathwork and meditation and how you can use these ancient tools to elevate into greatness in all areas of your life.

Your Brain on Breathwork & Meditation

Many of us understand that breathwork and meditation help us relax, but what happens to our brain during meditation?

Studies have shown that five minutes of breathwork - like Breath of Fire – not only triggers a relaxation response in the body but also the brain. When nerve cells fire in the brain, they exchange charged elements, which produce electromagnetic fields (otherwise known as brain-waves). During a parasympathetic response (rest-and-digest), electrical activity in the brain decreases and slow brain-waves, allowing you to access and cultivate awareness around the inner workings of your subconscious mind – the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits that you formed during childhood that drive your daily actions. 

Using your newfound awareness, you can move the unconscious into the conscious, and replace it with new modes of being that align with who you’re becoming. However, it’s important that you understand the brain’s electromagnetic...

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Healthy Levels Of Stress With Breath Of Fire

Contrary to popular belief, not all stress is bad. Healthy, managed stress levels elicit a controlled sympathetic response, giving us an ample amount of energy and focus to tackle our daily to-dos with grace. When we remain in this state of arousal for an extended period of time, only then does stress become detrimental. 

Using the power of our breath, we can become stewards of an aroused nervous system. Exhalation-focused breathwork techniques gently upregulate our sympathetic nervous system, consciously creating a heightened state of arousal in body and mind.

Not only does this allow us to experience and manage the physical sensations of a stress response (aka fight-or-flight, anxiety, racing thoughts or hypervigilance) in a controlled environment, but also reminds us that although we cannot change our external reality, we can control how we respond and recover from it. That way the next time someone cuts us off on the freeway, we remain calm and composed rather than yelling...

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Destress In Five Minutes With Equal Ratio Breathing

Stress has literally taken over our lives, and the pandemic just intensified it even further. Worries around personal health, family well-being and finances have many of us on edge. We feel calm one moment, and as soon as we receive an urgent email notification or breaking news headline, we spiral into a state of panic.

We believe that it’s just us and our inability to manage stress, but studies around the world reported an uptick in anxiety and depressive disorders (Vahratian et al., 2021). For some, it resulted in increased teeth grinding and clenching, while for others, it manifested as overwhelming fear and isolation (Vahratian et al., 2021; Tetreault et al., 2021; Emodi-Perlman et al., 2021).

Although we cannot stop what’s transpiring in the world, we can choose how we respond to it by harnessing our breath in one of two ways:

  1. To upregulate our nervous system via a sympathetic response (aka stress response); or
  2. To down regulate our nervous system through a...
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Your Breath Is Your Manifestation Tool

Like many of you, I learned about manifestation through The Secret.

In it, Rhonda Byrne declares that through the Law of Attraction, you magnetize everything in your life – good and not so good – based on the inherent beliefs you maintain about yourself and the world around you. Whether you’re calling in a new career, a romantic partner or more confidence, her process – ask, believe, receive – invites you to change your mindset to manifest your deepest desires.

When I read The Secret, I was convinced that mindset work was the antidote in healing my money wounds and manifesting more prosperity. As a Law of Attraction diehard, I made the stretchy coaching investments, journaled about my relationship with money covered my walls in all the money affirmations I could find, including “I love money, and money loves me.”

Although my cash flow improved by a few hundred dollars each month, it wasn’t the big $10k months I was hoping for, and...

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Should I Breathe Through My Nose Or My Mouth?

The number one question I receive from students inside the Academy of Breath is, “Why are all of the breathwork techniques we learn practiced through the nose? Is it okay if we breathe through the mouth?”

Although it’s okay to breathe through your mouth, humans have been designed to breathe through the nose. Since birth, nostril breathing is an evolutionary survival mechanism. Its most primal benefit allows us to eat and breathe simultaneously without choking; however, nostril breathing boasts a plethora of other benefits.

From shaping our facial structures to temperature regulation, here are four science-backed benefits of nostril breathing:


  1. Nervous System Down Regulation

At the onset of stress or anxiety, our body’s sympathetic response becomes activated. As stress hormones flood the body, we start to breathe quickly through the mouth, decreasing saliva production and activating respiration in the upper cavity of the chest. This process rapidly...

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The Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Meditation boasts a plethora of benefits; yet, many of us haven’t cultivated a lasting meditation practice. Either, meditation feels overwhelming to include in our endless lineup of to-dos, or we declare the practice isn’t for us because we struggle to sit still or silence our thoughts.

A few years ago, that was me. I was terrible at “not thinking,” and I had no idea how I could fit 5-minutes of meditation – let alone 15-mintues - into my demanding corporate schedule. It wasn’t until I committed to a thirty-day practice and reached the thirty-day mark that I thought, “Damn, was I wrong.”

Not only was I less reactive, fearful and anxious, but I also felt more creative, focused and calm than I had in years. From Corey to my friends to my spiritual teachers, everyone recognized the difference it created within me. From that moment, meditation became a non-negotiable part of my morning routine.

Below, I share six tips that will help you...

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This Is How You Can Radically Shift Your Life

Let’s get real.We all have those daydreams of traveling to a distant continent working remotely from our laptops as the sounds of waves crash in the background. Or maybe, you ditch the laptop altogether and find yourself traveling from country to country, meeting the locals, tasting new flavors, and experiencing life from a different lens.

Then, the daydream ends to the sound of your coworkers talking loudly about a new episode of Silicon Valley and you’re wondering how the hell to get out of there - for good.

We all have those dreams, but how many have actually made it a reality?


Quitting your job, working remote, traveling the globe, or even switching careers is a big step. It’s a life-altering choice that can push you outside of your comfort zone. You know, the unfamiliar place where the groovy fun happens. It can be a little scary, but it’s all about growth, baby.

When you get outside of your comfort zone, you are given an...

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A Quick Experiment To Connect to Your Intuition

I don't know if I'm the only one, but there are times when my head is completely puzzled by itself. I sit to meditate and ask for guidance, yet I can't tell the difference between intuition and anxiety. Sometimes, the thoughts can sound so similar. 

Do you feel this way too?

Intuition is a tool that we literally all have within us. It just needs to be honed, honored, and respected because ultimately, the more you listen, the more it speaks up - and vice versa.

I've tried quite a few strategies for "tapping into my intuition" and some have worked, while others have left me questioning if I even have the ability to be intuitive (I do). I'm so excited to share with you all today this tool that I found that, in my opinion, gets you connected faster than anything else.

The best part? All you need is a pen, paper, and some headspace. And I'm not talking about the app, although meditation is involved so if that's your meditation technique of choice then, by all means, grab your...

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Letting Go: It's Place In Emotional Growth


I’m all about healing modalities these days. Breathwork? Give it to me. Yoga? Let’s do it. Alcohol? Eh, I’ll pass for tonight. It’s no surprise that the Universe put me into contact with Janna Mauceri, spiritual teacher and Reiki Master, who asked me if I would be interested in joining her and one other woman for an evening of learning Reiki Level One.

For those reading that are like “Rei-what?”:

Reiki is a hands-on healing system that is deeply rooted in Eastern traditions, passed from Japan to the United States in the early 1900’s. It’s not tied to any religion and I think that’s why I find it to be so appealing to learn.

Reiki is based on five elements:

Gokai - Or, five spiritual elements Kokyȗ Hô - Or, breathing techniques Tenohira - Or, hands-on palm healing Jumon or Sirushi - Or, symbols and mantras Reiju - Or, attunements

Once you’ve learned the history of Reiki and how to...

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Are We All Out Of Ideas?

Last month I was invited by a friend to join a writers group. Eight of us gathered on the living room floor and took turns sharing our writing experience and learning from each other the different ways we stay inspired. After I spoke, one of the writers looked at me and asked something along the lines of, “But, if you look to see what other people are writing about, don’t you feel like the topic is already exhausted? How can you add distinct value to something that’s already been discussed?” This question has been ruminating in my headspace since then because I believe it calls out a much bigger issue that creatives deal with:

If someone has already done it, why should I?

My response:

Why shouldn’t you?

I come from a digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) background and I have hundreds of hours of my head being buried in search analytics, keyword research, and trending queries. Don’t know what any of that is? Don’t worry, it...

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