the three part live workshop series with Ava Johanna 

Rise above what they said was 'impossible', make a f*cking name for yourself, serve the people and get paid (lots of money) for being you.

Rise above what they said was the 'impossible', make a f*cking name for yourself, serve the people and get paid (lots of money) for being you.

Do you feel it?

That snowglobe-like shaking inside of you.

The storm that is brewing...ready to cause chaos. Perfect, beautiful and an extension of nature.

Ready to wake people up, to open their eyes, to rise instead of shrink...

All stemming from you: letting your hair down, and doing the damn thing you want to do.

This type of energy you hold inside of you can't be contained any longer.

It's time to awaken your unapologetic self, to challenge "how things are done," and to heal the whole damn world with your voice and the gifts that only you have.

If you are reading these words, there's a reason you are here.

And it's not to do things like everyone else.

You've likely felt frustrated with the idea of the Internet being saturated with other coaches or entrepreneurs.

The thought has ran through your mind: Well damn, why would someone choose me over all these other amazing leaders?

Or even: Am I even cut out to be truly successful building my business online and getting past the noise of everyone else?

And here's the thing: The last thing I want is for you to let any of that sh*t get in the way of you thriving online.

There's a new way on the block to thrive and make money that doesn't involve you stripping every ounce of your authenticity or copy and pasting successful entrepreneurs sales pages and Instagram captions.

And don't get me wrong, you can find some success by using "proven methods" but you're not here for some success.


You're here for massive f*cking soul expansive success.

The type of success that comes from you showing up, grounded in your worth, and unapologetic about who you are and what you desire to teach, create and do in this lifetime.

The type of success that might trigger the f*ck out of some people, but serves as a catalyst for the soulmate clients that are praying for your support.

You are the perfect storm and it's time we unleash you into the world.

You are worthy of it all and it's time for you to claim that.

This is the vibe of this 3-part masterclass event: Unapologetically Rich, Confident + Unlimited.

You, me, and all the rule books you'll be ripping up to make space for new rules to be established.


Unapologetically Expressed

Create the foundation for stepping into your fullest expression as a leader and pave a path of your own.

Rising Above
It All

Let go of the external expectations that are weighing you down and expand emotionally, mentally and financially.

Surrender To Soul-Expansive Success

Do things differently - step out of the hustle hysteria and let joy be the way that you find everlasting sustainable success.

*BONUS* workbooks for each training to dig deeper into the content in between each event. 

Rule #1: You get to make the most money by bringing the most of you into all aspects of your life and business.

Training One: Unapologetically Expressed

Let’s break down the foundation that told you it wasn’t safe to be you, that told you fitting in was the only way, and write a brand f*cking new rulebook where your authentic self is your wealthiest self.

We’re extracting the stirring of truth inside of you, the intuitive self, the Divine Self, and together, we’ll develop the language and vocabulary you’ve been missing to share more of you with more of the people that are craving your work and gifts most.

Rule #2: You are a master alchemist - turning lead into gold and transforming any pain into purpose (and paychecks).

Training Two: Rising Above It All

 This is about taking your power back. Rising from the ashes and using the darkest of your days as fuel to help and serve others. There are no external limitations - only opportunities to master our work at our next level.

This is how you can take any situation, any trigger, any wound, and create content that serves, sells and shows people what is possible. By rising above it all, you lead by example, create massively impactful work, and monetize any experience.

 Rule #3: You get to have it now and it gets to be really f*cking fun and flowy along the way.

Training Three: Surrender To Soul-Expansive Success

Stop forcing and start flowing, this is your birthright, and it’s time we awaken you to your next level of faith and belief in the unlimited potential of your Soul. Soul-expansive success means we’re taking the struggle out of your journey to multiple six figures.

This is a call to stop giving so much airtime to the strategy and learn what it means to run your business with the Divine Feminine in the driver’s seat. We are closing the gap between you and your next level of success.


Live Course Feedback (this was unsolicited from past students):

🌟 Honestly thank you so much this has been sooooooo helpful and so inspiring <3 sending you all so much love <3 - Valentina M.

🌟 I feel floatyπŸ₯° thank you Ava! seriously so grateful for you - Haylee S.

🌟 Feeling so high vibe and excited for how i am going to show up! - Allison G.

🌟 Super excited and just high on it. It’s a feeling of expansion and authenticity in everything I do! - Sara A.

🌟 I am feeling so comfortable and ready to make some big changes. Your words are SO flippen powerful, you say some intensely thought provoking, soul searching things. - Stephania 

🌟 You’ve inspired me greatly in these last couple days!! I’m extremely grateful to have come across you through this ‘bundle’ and been drawn to your work!!  Thank you- a million gazillion!!  I feel like I have permission again to be me..  That feels so freeing." - Gloria A.

"Working with Ava not only provided me guidance, but it also instilled confidence in myself and my abilities that I previously lacked. She immediately puts you at ease and treats you like the knowledgable older sister we all dream to have! Ava helped me set incremental and longterm goals, narrow in on my intention and purpose and obtain tactical skills to help move me in the right direction."

- Georgia T.



"Once I entered into her container of love + support that she holds for her clients, I never wanted to leave. I got to embody my most authentic self in that space & she pours so much love into you. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made to work with Ava.

I reached the exact version of myself that I had envisioned on our first call, dancing freely with confidence, clarity, self-love, and feeling so powerful - all things I’d longed for - I feel it all now & just keep expanding into new levels!"

- Jessica R.

"Working with Ava completely re-framed my mindset to allow more flow and connection with my own power. Before I felt insecure about my ability to teach others.

Now I talk openly about my business even with my corporate 9-5 friends regardless if they think it's woo-woo and weird haha! It just doesn't phase me anymore what people say because I have stepped into my power and truth."

- Alex F.


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Hi, I'm Ava Johanna.

Multiple Six-Figure Business Coach, Host of Top Spiritual Podcast The Alchemized Life, and Celebrity Meditation Teacher.

Living a rich life isn't just about money (but we love that, too) - this is about claiming all of your desires.

It's about being rich in freedom - to be all of you and to not feel guilty or ashamed for wanting what you want.

This is about becoming unlimited - unlimited in choice, unlimited in success, unlimited in what your life can look like.

And if that is hard to believe right now, trust me, I've been there.

I'm a recovered chameleon, past people pleaser and chronic believer of "If she did it this way, I could just do what she does and be successful."

Sound familiar?

I was so desperate to get approval of the many influencers and successful entrepreneurs in Los Angeles that along the way I lost myself.

It wasn't until I burnt every single thing down in my business that I rediscovered who I truly was, my own voice, my own desires, and my true purpose: teaching soulful entrepreneurs that there is nothing more freeing, abundant and sexy than stepping into their authentic expression.

They say that you teach what you've needed to master most in life. I have been to the very depths of wanting to throw in the towel, frustration, and "Why isn't it working if this worked for them?!"

And I've also come out on the other side.

Now running a quarter of a million dollar company with a team supporting me, a massive following online and on my podcast, The Alchemized Life, sold out group programs, effortless 50k+ months...

And none of that would have happened if I hadn't decided to stop trying to be like everyone.

I realized that my money maker, my superpower, what made me stand the f*ck out was... ME.

And you, my love, the essence of your Soul...THAT is what will make you Unapologetically Rich, Confident and Unlimited.

I honestly can not say enough good things! I am beyond confident now in so many areas of my life. That's just one of the many bonuses of working with Ava, she will show you the rockstar you have always been!

- Delia N. 

The learning also significantly boosted my confidence and how to deal with identity crisis issues when they surfaced. Ava has this magical way of propelling your mindset straight into this future self.

- Haley P.

If you are thinking of working with Ava, seriously stop, and just jump on the opportunity as soon as possible! I went from no clear direction or confidence in my abilities, to creating the business I’ve been hoping for for years.

- Katie S.


What can I expect from these trainings?

Each of these trainings will are recorded and you can expect to be stretched in the way you think, feel and act around expressing yourself in life and business. I do things differently from your average business coach, I make most marketing experts eyes roll, but I get results and I get them quick. If you take what I share and run with it, adapting it into your own unique style and adding your own flair, I have no doubt that you'll walk away from this experience forever changed.

Can you guarantee specific results?

While I fully believe that what I'm teaching will blow your damn mind and business in ways you may have never experienced before, I can't control how you implement what I teach you. These are the principles I use in my own multiple six-figure business and what I teach my private coaching clients.

What is the format of the trainings?

You and me getting cozy through 3+ hours of recorded content. I'll teach, I'll answer questions, I'll spill the tea on how you can disengage from the mediocre strategies for showing up online and booking clients and finally start getting paid for being you.

How long do I get access to these trainings?

You'll get lifetime access to all videos and the workbook. The replays are just as f*cking magical as being there live.

I don't have my own business, is this training right for me?

Have you ever felt like your people-pleasing tendencies are sucking the life out of you? Or like you wish you could feel confident letting your freak flag fly with friends, partners and your community? This training is for anyone who wants to bring more of them into their life and to stop compartmentalizing who they are.

What is your refund policy?

Trust me - you're not going to want one. But life happens so if you feel this training isn't for you, email [email protected] within 48 hours of your purchase.

You're here.

You're ready to unleash your next level into the world.

Your intuition is telling you it's time to take the leap.

You know it's that moment where you are declaring that you are ready to become Unapologetically Rich, Confident and Unlimited.


Choose to either pay in full or sign up for the payment option below.

After you enroll, you will receive access to the inside of the course platform where you will find each training with a complimentary workbook and TONS of questions to dig deeper in your journal.




*Upon enrolling, you will be prompted to enter your email and a password. You will use this to log into the course platform and access the trainings, bonuses and workbooks.

Ava here - if you've made it this far, you've devoured this entire page. Your soul is hungry to be shared with the world. Unfiltered. Pure. All you.

I can't wait to see you inside Unapologetically Rich, Confident, and Unlimited. Let's go, goddess.