Learn the Energetics of Attracting and Growing Your Money with Ava Johanna

It's time to disengage from your past relationship to money and officially become a magnet to money, abundance and growing your net worth.

This is for the soul-aligned entrepreneur who is worn out from pouring love into their clients and not seeing their bank account grow.

If you are the coach with the full roster of clients that struggles to get near a 5-figure month...

or the person who is DONE paying off debt only to see it come back two months later...

If you are the spiritual babe who wants to live a luxury life and be able to receive their desires with ease...

And if you've ever thought: well maybe I'll just never be good with money...

This workshop is for you and that story ends NOW.

What To Expect:

This is not your standard webinar. I'm doing things differently in this Money + Magnetism Workshop so get ready for a major money makeover. Over this 90 minute workshop, I'll be guiding you through meditations, exercises, and hot seat coaching to support you in the same way I support my private clients. Think of it as the perfect blend of masterclass, group coaching, and 1:1 coaching.

If you've ever wanted a taste of the spiritual, mindset and business coaching multiple 6-figure earners are doing - this experience will blow your damn mind.

Yup, it's going to be that powerful.

Re-wire Your Mind

Often our relationship with money isn't our fault - we've picked it up over the course of our life. While it's not our fault, it IS our responsibility to clear old patterns and beliefs if we want to live a truly magnetic and abundant life. You'll be guided through meditation and receive re-wiring audios to dig deeper on your own.

Become A Miracle Magnet 

During the Money + Magnetism workshop, we'll open up and raise your frequency so that you become a magnet for opportunity and creative ideas. You'll learn how to hold this frequency so that you attract money and clients with ease and take money off the pedestal once and for all.

Make Tangible Changes

Money magnetism doesn't just stop at our feelings. If you want to attract, hold onto and grow your wealth, you need to take action that aligns with your wealthy self. You'll receive an income planning spreadsheet to accompany this workshop along with other money-lovin' bonuses.

If you are unable to attend live, you will receive a replay within 24 hours of the workshop.

Hi, I'm Ava Johanna

Spiritual Business Coach, Boss Babe, and Multiple Six-Figure CEO. I've learned lessons with money the hard way and the easy way and this workshop was born out of my desire to guide you on the path of least resistance to attracting, holding onto and growing your wealth.

In 2009, at 16 years old, my stepdad and mom separated. Within a few months, my mom, sister and I were evicted from our home, our car was repossessed, and our weekends were spent at the food bank or using EBT Food Stamps at the grocery store.

Maybe you've been there - or maybe you've experienced financial tragedy that's molded your views and relationship with money.

Wherever you land on the spectrum, this work is available for you. It's here to support you and open your eyes to the ways in which you've been blocking the flow of money. Money + Magnetism is here to teach you how to clear your past money fears and triggers so you can walk forward from this day on with a healthy, abundant, and expansive relationship with money.

Because you are worthy of it.

You are worthy of all of it.

And it's time you believed that.


Let's Do The Damn Thing

Space is limited! Reserve your spot for the Money + Magnetism Workshop for $47 and upon enrolling you will receive instant access to the bonuses: