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We've created the only breathwork and meditation resource online where you can bridge the gap between science and spirituality to create a devotional practice that supports you in all aspects of life. Our students have gone on to change the lives of their clients, their communities, and their own personal practices.

Advanced Practitioners

Lexi Rodriguez-Smith

Speciality: Somatic Exploration + Embodied Expression, Breathwork, Meditation, Energetics

Website: lexi-rodriguez.com

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Devon Rochelle

SpecialityPurpose Coaching, Intuitive Guidance, & Holistic Wellness


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Kate Pieri

SpecialityLeadership, Energy Work, and Consciousness

Website: www.katepieri.com 

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Victoria Nielson

Speciality: Mamas & Mamas-To-Be, Intuitive Healing, Embodiment Coaching


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Delaney Berwaldt

SpecialityHolistic Wellness, Mindset Coach, Enneagram Certified


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Jenn Miranda

SpecialityMindfulness, Self-Empowerment, At Risk Youth


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Claire Croft

SpecialityCoaching, Corporate Wellbeing, Yoga, Retreats


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Nic Webber

SpecialityAnti-Anxiety Expert, Breathwork, Meditation


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Spiritual Life Coaching

Nicole Rosalia Claire

Speciality: Self Love, Relationships, Spirituality


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Elena Hartung

SpecialityProductivity, Self Care, Self Love

Email[email protected]

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Louisa Forney

SpecialitySelf Love, Flexibility, and Personal Growth

Website: www.yogionpointe.com  

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Cooper Gillespie

SpecialityManifestation, Mindset, and Abundance Coaching


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Lisa Freeman

SpecialitySoul Activation Guide, Akashic Record Reader, Spiritual Coach



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Liz Sanders

Speciality: Creativity, Mental Health, Somatic Healing


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Kait Hozjan

SpecialitySoul Care, Self Care, Mind Body

Email[email protected]

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Sierra Calabresi

SpecialityMindfulness, Empowerment, Motherhood


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Stephanie Wright

SpecialityWomen's Empowerment, Motherhood 


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Intuitive Coaching

Bree Weatherby

SpecialityLiberation Coach, Healer, Intuition Teacher

Website: http://www.breebewitched.com/

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Steph Morris

SpecialityFeminine Energy, Self Love + Intuition


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Sabine and Carine Lavache 

SpecialityEnergy work, Manifestation, and Intuition Alignment


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Shelby Sharland

SpecialityCognitive, Somati, and Intuitive Healing


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Codie Jayne Bush

Speciality: Vision Journeys through Breathwork & Meditation


Nature Healing

Lorena Espiga

SpecialityAkashic Records Reader & Healer, Flower Essence Therapist

Website: www.lorenaespiga.com   

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Hana Lee Goldin

SpecialityForest Bathing, Nature Connection, & Somatic Ecotherapy


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