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The Academy of Breath Information Form & Waiver 

What Breathwork is

Breathwork describes a group of exercises that teach you to manipulate your breathing rate and depth with the goal of bringing awareness to your breath and ultimately providing the same benefits you might get from a meditative practice.

What Breathwork is *not*

I am not a licensed physician. Breathwork is not licensed by the state of California and, as a complementary or alternative practice, does not require licensing by the state.  Breathwork and meditation are a complement to, not replacement for,  "healing arts services licensed by the state", ie, it is a complement to services provided by doctors, nurses, and hospitals. 


Nature of the Services Provided

Breathwork Sessions: The client participates in breathing exercises with eyes closed and in a safe position. Do not perform breathwork while driving. You might experience a stress release, emotional release, heightened sense of elation in the body.

What you should know about Breathwork 

Breathwork is generally safe when practiced with care.  However, there are a few cases when it would not be advised to do breathwork; namely for anyone with a known cardiac arrhythmia (including very slow heart rate), a history of heart block, or people taking certain antipsychotic medications. Additionally, some types of breathwork can induce hyperventilation, which can bring on dizziness, chest pain, and pounding heartbeat.


Check with your doctor before you start a breathwork practice if you have a history of any of the following or are currently taking antipsychotic medications.


Breathwork not recommended if you have any of the following:

  • breathing issues
  • cardiovascular issues
  • high blood pressure
  • history of aneurysms
  • osteoporosis
  • recent physical injuries or surgeries
  • severe psychiatric symptoms
  • vision issues


Theory of Breathwork

Breathwork is researched intentional breathing techniques that provide a heightened physiological experience and decrease stress on the system.


Ava's Qualifications

Ava has been practicing breathwork since 2016  and teaching breathwork since 2016. She is a licensed teacher of breathwork through Yoga Alliance. She was certified through the Yoga Alliance in 2016. She has completed: 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Indie Yoga, 40 hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Indie Yoga, Meditation Teacher Training with 1GiantMind and Reiki Levels 1 and 2 with Tranquility School of Healing Arts.  She continues to study various modalities to enhance her practice. 



You agree that you do not know of any medical reason why you should not participate in breathwork. Your participation is optional and you understand that such physical activity has inherent risks. If you participate in breathwork, you knowingly assume full responsibility for any risk of loss including but not limited to, personal injury, including serious injury, disability, death, or economic losses including but not limited to loss of income, or medical expenses which you may sustain as a result of your participation.


You understand that spiritual and healing methodologies have the potential to create intense emotions and strong physical experiences that may require additional therapeutic or supportive interventions. Our services are for educational purposes only and do not constitute counseling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis or deal with the diagnosis or treatment of medical issues and do not replace the treatment and guidance of a medical doctor. You acknowledge that we do not provide medical treatment and that you will seek medical, therapy or psychotherapy services, if needed.   


I acknowledge breathwork is not a substitute for any type of therapy. I understand that this breathwork/somatic work, sound healing, energy healing or reiki activity will involve strong connected breathing and may include guided meditation. I understand that breathwork can involve dramatic experiences accompanied by strong emotional and physical responses. I understand that I may find breathwork emotionally, and/or mentally stressful. I hereby affirm that I am in good health and able to participate in this activity. I do not have any physical or mental conditions which would impair my ability to engage in this activity or which would otherwise endanger my health or which would cause any risk of harm to myself. I understand that this breathwork is  not medically supervised. I have hereby been advised that I should talk to my physician and/or psychotherapist if I have any questions about my physical or mental ability to safely participate in this breathwork. If I have chosen not to obtain a physician's consent prior to my participation I hereby agree that I am doing so solely at my own risk.


I hereby waive and release Ava Johanna LLC, any employees, associates, representatives, agents, independent contractors and any related entities from any and all claims, costs, liability and expense for any injury, loss or damage (including death) whether known, anticipated or unanticipated, negligent or intentional acts or omissions arising from my participation in breathwork.


I acknowledge that I have thoroughly read this Academy of Breath Information Form & Waiver in its entirety and fully understand it. 

Client Acknowledgment 

I have been provided with a copy of the above document, in accordance with California state law SB 577 and consent to practicing breathwork:

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The Academy of Breath - 2022 Pay in Full

Learn how to use breathwork and meditation to access your intuition and embody the practices that will change the world. The Academy of Breath will equip you with the knowledge and resources necessary to utilize breathwork and meditation in your personal practice and as an extension of your core offering as a healer, teacher or coach.
  • Twelve total weeks of small group mentorship, live group calls, masterclasses, and office hour support from September 1st, 2022 - November 17th, 2022
  • Six weeks of live calls learning technique, science and spirituality behind breathwork and meditation starting September 1st, 2022
  • Two BONUS recorded calls focusing on the strategy of building a successful spiritual business.
  • Small group mentorships for intimate support throughout the training 
  • Access to 10+ Masterclasses (over 15 hours of bonus content) to deepen your knowledge of energy work, owning your voice as a leader, using meditation as a tool for intuitive development and more.
  • Access to online portal with videos, MP3s, scripts and recordings to use as a student or facilitator
  • Invite to private Facebook community
  • Certificate of completion to use breathwork and meditation as an extension of your healing services
  • Quarterly Alumni calls for lifetime support

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Past Student Love:

I loved The Academy of Breath! What a beautiful space Ava held for all the teachers. She explained the science behind the breathing techniques and how we can apply it to improve our lives. Her confidence and friendly demeanor shined through as she lead a beautiful example of how we can all become the meditation teacher of our dreams. I highly recommend taking this course with Ava to improve your own meditation practice and be able to share it with others!

Rachel Frank

Trust me when I say it will change your life in the most beautiful way possible.

Haylee Seper

I wouldn’t be able to serve my community the way I do today without these powerful tools and I’m grateful to be able to work with Ava and be certified with the Academy of Breath.

Amanda Rose